Admission Guidelines

Application form for Admission Registration will be issued 15th Feb to 5th March every year on payment of Rs 200 during working hours.

The Priorities for admission will be as under:

a) Children of serving Army personnel (including DSC), children of Army Widows and Children of those TA personnel who have a minimum of 10 years embodied service.
b) Children of Army Ex-servicemen, DSC per Retd with Pension from DSC.
c) Children of retired/serving Air Force and Naval personnel.
d) Children of Ex-Army personnel who left Army with less than 10 years of service and do not come under the category of ex-service.
e) Children of civilians paid out of defence estimates, Para military forces including Coast Guard, MES, GREF, TA (when not embodied)
f) Grand Children of serving/retired Army personnel.
g) Other Children

Age Limit:

Though the requirement of the Central Board of the Secondary Education that the All India secondary Examination shall be open to pupils who have interrail attained the age of 15 years on 30th September of the year in which they take the examination has been abolished with effect from the examination of 1983, the age of admission to various classes in Army Public Schools, however, shall be regulated as indicated below:-

For Admission to respective class,the student should complete the under-mentioned years of age on 31 Mar of the year in which admission is sought.

Class Age
I5 Years
II6 Years
III7 Years
IV8 Years
V9 Years
VI10 Years
VII11 Years
VIII12 Years
IX13 Years
X14 Years

Proof of Age:

a) In case of Defence personnel, extract of their record of service, duly attested by their commanding officers, will be accepted as a conclusive proof for age of their children.
b) Birth certificate issued by military/civil hospitals as well as by municipalities/Village Panchayats will also be accepted.

Subjects for Admission Test:

The admission test will be held in the following subjects.

Level Subjects
a) Primary Classes (II to V) English/Hindi and Maths
b) Middle Classes (VI to VIII) English/Hindi, Maths and Science
c) Secondary Classes (IX & X) English/Hindi, Maths and Science